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Authentication / Documents

Authentication of Haitian Documents

All documents from Haiti can be authenticated at the Consulate of Haiti in New York City if they were previously authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A. Mandate (Power of Attorney)

A mandate or power of attorney allows a person to delegate certain powers of legal representation to any other person of his choice.
All persons of Haitian origin who wish to mandate a person to represent him/her as an agent in Haiti must submit to the Consular Section a Haitian passport or valid foreign passport with proof of Haitian origin. Proof of Haitian origin includes a birth certificate or expired passport. Applicant must be able to provide the following information on the agent:

  1. Name(s), surname(s)
  2. Address and tax identification card (NIF) number

B. Certificate of Identity

In exceptional cases, the Consular Section, in order to facilitate certain actions of Haitian nationals with the U.S. Immigration, shall issue a certificate of identity, provided that steps towards submitting a passport application have already been taken.

C. Birth Certificate

Any child born to a Haitian parent (father or mother) in the jurisdiction of the Consular Section of the Embassy of Haiti can get a birth certificate.
The required documents are:

  • The parent’s valid Haitian passport
  • Marriage certificate
  • U.S. birth certificate of the child

D. Death Certificate

The documents required for the establishment of a death certificate by the Consular Section are:

  • The Burial Permit
  • A certified copy of the Death Certificate
  • A photocopy of the registration of the funeral parlor with the Department of Health (Health Department)
  • A photocopy of the funeral invoice
  • A signed and notarized letter attesting that the corpse is non-contagious
  • A letter, on the funeral parlor’s letterhead, signed and notarized, attesting to the process of embalming the corpse
  • The passport of the deceased
  • Proof of the sealed coffin is also acceptable
  • An inspection by the Consul is required. There are no additional fees for this inspection. 
  • Information on the travel route and contact information of the funeral home in Haiti is also required.
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