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C.G. of Haiti and Rabbi Pinto

Consul General of Haiti and Rabbi Pinto meet to discuss economic cooperation 

By The Britonian on 26 March 2021


On March 18, 2021, the Consul General of Haiti in New York Lauture Jacques met with Rabbi Pinto to discuss ways to develop investments and consolidate economic cooperation between the Republic of Haiti.

This commercial diplomacy plan presented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Claude Joseph and the President of the Republic of Haiti Mr. Jovenel Moise, includes the main actions that the country’s representatives are eager to develop at the international level to promote and strategically position the exportable offer of the Republic of Haiti and make known to the world the high quality and value-added products that the country has to offer as well as the various business opportunities available along with supporting market research.

Rabbi Pinto has met with many world leaders and has contributed and raised hundreds of millions for religious institutions, charities, food banks and non-profit organizations that fight hunger, racism, promote peace, provide life-saving medicines, medical equipment and free housing for the needy.

Rabbi Pinto is also known for his many charitable endeavors. Many of his charitable works have been kept secret out of modesty, but some of his charitable efforts are known through Moroccan media reports. For example, Rabbi Pinto has been responsible for the distribution of thousands of blankets in remote areas of Marrakech, where people often need basic necessities. Rabbi Pinto has also supported charitable donations benefitting schools, as well as fundraising for clothing and bags to support schools in villages located in the Middle East.

This initiative by Consul General Lauture Jacques will help to improve the well-being of all Haitians, and is aimed at advancing a new generation of jobs, announced as part of the promises of President Jovenel Moise.

In addition, it is a planning and goal setting tool, which describes the guidelines, concrete actions and activities that ambassadors and consuls will need to follow with the support of representatives of the trade section.


It is clear that in order to increase foreign investment in Haiti, ambassadors and consuls’ representatives must conduct investment missions to visit the Republic of Haiti and/or business meetings through virtual as well as face-to-face meetings. This along with holding regular meetings with trade unions and business associations and chambers of commerce to promote the country as an attractive investment destination; and capture at least one potential investor for the realization of investment portfolio projects.

Thanks to the dynamism of the Consul General of Haiti in New York Jacques Lauture, with similar strategies the Republic of Haiti will be able to increase these indicators in a positive way, and to finally achieve the economic development that the country is looking to attain over the longer term.

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