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The Consulate proudly represents the interests of Haitian nationals in the United States in the consular district covering New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 
It serves as a bridge between Haitian expatriates or those traveling to the United States and Haitian institutions.

It fulfills the traditional roles of a consulate general (visas, passports, and all other consular and legal formalities) and also serves as a center for cultural, economic, political and scientific cooperation which promotes Haiti in the States under our jurisdiction in order to: facilitate cooperation, dialogue and peace between our two countries.

In the event of loss and theft of official documents; 

In the event of loss or theft of official documents, passports, identity cards and driving licenses, the consulate may issue a certificate on presentation of a police report.

In the event of arrest or imprisonment; 

You can request that the consulate be informed. The consul will let the local authorities know that you are under Haitian consular jurisdiction and will inquire about the reasons for your arrest. With your approval, he will notify your family and arrange an official visit with you. He will ensure compliance with local laws and ensure the conditions of your detention. For legal assistance, the consul may provide you with the services of a lawyer at your expense.

In the event of financial difficulty; 

The consulate can suggest effective ways for your family to transfer funds to you.

In the event of a terrible illness or accident; 

The consulate can inform your family and jointly consider the plan to follow: hospitalization or repatriation at your expense.

In the event of death; 

The consulate will contact your family and offer legal advice regarding the repatriation or burial of the deceased or their ashes. 
All costs are borne by the family of the deceased or his insurance company.

In case of difficulty with local authorities or specific people;

The consulate can advise you and provide the necessary contact details (local institution, lawyer, interpreter, etc.)

What the Consulate CANNOT do:

• Carry out repatriations at government expense 
• Pay on your behalf a fine, hotel bill or any other expense incurred by you. 
• Instantly deliver a passport 
• Interfere in the host state’s legal process if you are involved in any legal difficulty or charged with a felony in New York State or other states within our jurisdiction 
• Serve as a substitute for travel agencies, banks or insurance companies

Legal powers of the Consulate:

In accordance with the law of September 17, 1958 modifying that of September 14, 1953 relating to the consular service, all consular officials settle in accordance with the civil code all questions relating to the civil status of Haitian expatriates residing under their jurisdiction (birth certificates , marriage and death). They carry out marriages between Haitians and issue extracts of certificates received at the consulate if necessary.

Consular officials maintain a register of Haitian immigrants living under their jurisdiction and are authorized to issue passports to those whose nationality has been clearly established.

Consular agents exercise a judicial function when necessary: ​​the legalization of signatures and the issuance of official certificates to Haitian expatriates in their jurisdiction. They also provide legal assistance where necessary.

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